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Do you gamble too much?

Are you more preoccupied with gambling than you and those around you regard as healthy?

Have you ever felt the need to stake more and more money? Have you ever lied to important people in your life about how much you spend on gambling?

If you recognise yourself in these descriptions, you may be one of many with gambling problems. You are not alone. Many women and men of all ages and in all professions have a gambling problem.

The Helpline on 800 800 40 is an anonymous helpline. You can call this number and receive advice and help to handle your gambling problem. The Helpline 800 800 40 can give you advice and support in relation to your gambling situation.

The Helpline can provide you with information about treatment and treatment options, and where you can obtain financial guidance. The person who takes your call also speaks English. The Helpline has also had conversations with callers who were assisted by an interpreter.